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the Vanguard Mystery School

Note: The Spring Session ended mid-May 2022. If you'd like to purchase the 7 previous weeks of content and videos (for the Spring Session), reach out to one of the Vanguards/Guides.

SCHOLAR (aka students) ESSENTIALS:

Vanguard Mystery School (VMS) is open to the public for anyone over the age of 18.

IMPORTANT: VMS is ONLY an extension of The Porch and is not a FB group (although group access will be provided for all who enroll for all 7 weeks). VMS it IS NOT training to become a Porch Peer Guide/Specialist/Vanguard. Those who attend VMS are Scholars (aka students) and are not affiliated or “vouched” for by The Porch or its founder/guides. 

MATTERS (topics) -- Reach out directly to a Vanguard or your Porch Peer Guide/Specialists.

If you have not done so already, be sure to read the FAQs at

Click here to learn more about Arteicka

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If you were referred by another Porch Peer Guide or Specialist, be sure to let us know who.

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the Vanguard Mystery School

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