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[original fb post 2.17.19] why i care. why i do what i do...

"i posted this the other day but never got back to it.

so let me take some time to explain -- why i care. why i do what i do...

the other day i stumbled across a video i did last year for the ladies in tap. i was talking about timeline jumping, but started talking about how i LOVED being self-employed/location independent but traveling and having such amazing experiences got a bit lonely.

having the freedom to travel, not wake to an alarm clock, etc is a beautiful thing, but i think a lot of people who are blessed to do that, have moments when they want to share those experiences with loved ones/friends.

sure, we met other people along the way -- others also working for self and traveling, but it's not the same as doing it with people who get your inside jokes, etc.

i understand that we all have our diff paths and journey's but that's not what i'm talking about.

there are so many who were just outright addicted to toxic and outdated ways of being -- relationships, thoughts, etc.

as a result they'd often be too sick to travel. stuck on drama that wasnt even theirs. holding on to the idea that one needs to do A, then B, then C before they could start their biz, travel, etc.

and even those who claimed to be deeply religious and/or spiritual were too consumed/cursed by fear to step out on faith and trust that the Universe/Ancestors would catch them. someone was always telling me that i was gonna die because a place (they'd NEVER even been to) wasnt safe.

i can go on -- but hopefully you get the idea.

i got into "the work" of recovery/healing cause i wanted others to feel the joy and freedom of leaping all the way out of the boxes of limitations.

so like i said before, it aint really that deep for me -- LOL.

i just wanted some folks to play with!!! 

freedom is "healing" to me."

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